Club Awards Rules -- Club Awards Competition 2014

The Club awards for performances in the year 2014 will be based on the
individual runner's best five of the following eight races:

r1. Johnny Faerber 10K
r2. Bill Beauchamp 10K
r3. Lanikai Bike Path 8K
r4. Boca Hawaii Norman Tamanaha Memorial 15K
r5. Hokulani 25K
r6. HMSA 30K
r7. Mizuno Val Nolasco Half Marathon
r8. Sylvia A. Martz 5K

NOTE: Some name changes may occur to Marathon Readiness Series races due to sponsorship deals.

Outstanding Runner awards--five each, Male and Female--will be awarded to the top five runners
based on age-graded results.
Each runner will have their finish time converted to an age-graded time using age-graded time tables.
These tables are produced by WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes) and provide a multiplier to
convert times to age-graded times. They are backed by 30 years of experience and thousand of results.
For this year, we will be using the tables produced in 2006.

Next, an average time will be computed for the race using all MPRRC runners' age-graded times,
but first deleting the top and bottom 20 percent to get a more realistic average time by deleting
the extraordinarily fast and slow runners.

Then each runner's age-graded time will be compared to the average time it took all MPRRC runners.
This will allow scoring of multiple events. Taking the top five results from the above eight races will
decide the placement. In case of a tie, the member who has done the greater number of races wins.

These end-of-the-year awards will no longer be Age-group awards. Instead, Top 5 overall awards will be
given to both male and female runners.