Photo Album

Tesh has been making frequent contributions to the page recently.
Some, along with contributions from others, will be posted directly to this page at first.
All will end up in albums like these immediately below.

2008 Readiness Series
Award Night
MPRRC Member Snapshots
Tesh Teshima's photos from
Bob and Ron's 5K
Tesh Teshima's photos from
Lanikai Bike Path 8K
Tesh Teshima's Take
on the 2008 Hibiscus

Tesh Teshima Shot
the 2008 Pineapple Run
Here is Tesh's
2008 Val Nolasco

Here is Tesh's
2009 Bosetti 10K

Tesh Teshima's pictures
from the Pearl
Harbor Bike Path 10K 2009

Tesh Teshima's photos of the
Race Against Violence 2009
Photos from the
Bosetti 10K in 2011
Photos from the
Kailua Beach Run in 2013
>>>Here is a link to 21 pictures of the Ford Island Bridge 10K from Tesh, including many with Club relevance

Wouldn't you like to see your photos here?

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